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I would prefer changing it to microsoft-lumia-640-xl as both Microsoft's website and Wikipedia mentions Lumia 640 XL as Microsoft Lumia 640 XL.


Tag has been renamed - might take a little while for the tag pages to update as this is pulled from caches :)


In my personal opinion, lets us have two questions, but with appropriate titles such as How to use dual whatsapp in WP 8.1? and How to use dual whatsapp in W10M? instead of the current title How to use dual whatsapp in Lumia 535. I suggest this because your question has been asked for WP 8.1 and it already has an answer for it. There still may be persons ...


Yup.I am totally agree with your point. In fact I am tired of using nokia-lumia-535 tag for my Microsft Lumia 535. We should in fact change all the Nokia lumia tags and replace them by lumia tags. If not possible then, we should at least change the tag names for Lumia devices marked Microsoft. As far as I know there are only 12 devices marked Microsoft ...

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