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Tag synonym request for Microsoft-Lumia-950?

Please create tag synonyms for microsoft-lumia-950 -> lumia-950 microsoft-lumia-950-xl -> lumia-950-xl These were the tags I tried to use based on the established tagging of nokia-lumia-model. I do ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Rename Windows-10 tag to 10-mobile?

Currently the windows-10 tag is used for questions regarding the Windows 10 Mobile insider preview. This usage is not consitent with other version tags, as 8.1 and wp8.1 are used for Windows Phone, ...
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How to tag fitness tracking questions?

I've just created a question concerning the MSN Health & Fitness app, but found myself in need of some tags that have something to do with fitness tracking, exercises, workouts, etc. There's a ...
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Should we encourage people to tag their questions with their handset model and network?

So many features can be locked out either by the handset manufacturer, or by the network; Rather than having to word answers along the lines of "On some handsets...", should we instead encourage ...
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