Just added this question:
What setting up do I need to do for "Find My Phone" to work?

And tried to tag it with a couple of new tags and .

Only the former was allowed. The latter caused this to show: enter image description here

Regardless of whether this is a good tag to have (and I would argue it could be useful to collect together questions dealing with services at windowsphone.com), how come it's not allowed?

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Per this answer on Should we bother to tag questions with [windows-phone] or [windows-phone-7]? as been blacklisted. I presume it extends to variants of that spelling.

We've blacklisted any tags beginning with "windows-phone" - that should apply to pretty much every question and most tags on the site, so it's unnecessary. - Shog9

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  • can a whitelist of exceptions (like [windowsphone.com]) be nested inside the blacklist? – hawbsl May 17 '12 at 8:10
  • @hawbsl We probably could modify the blacklist rule, but how useful is [windowsphone.com] as a tag, anyway? We'd need to see a list of questions that'd benefit from it. There's not much point of trying to make exceptions for just one. – Adam Lear May 18 '12 at 18:17

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