Is it worth having individual email provider tags (, , etc...) Or should we encourage that these just fall under ?

I know there could be some instances where they would be helpful, but would it be better to separate them into a provider/service pair?

For instance, instead tagging a question would it be more worthwhile to tag it ? This would also let you do things like or even

The same could be done with , , , and the other built in providers on the phone.

What are your thoughts? I'm not necessarily pushing for this, but I thought it might make a better way to organize the questions.


Watch out with that.

It doesn't feel right to host or together with under . Because or is closer to Microsoft and might allow more things to be done than the other, especially with regards to things like the Marketplace, SkyDrive and what else requires a Live ID.

The same goes for vs , the mail client on the Windows Phone functions quite different between both. For instance, I can't flag my mails on while my father can do that on his account. Also, isn't using IMAP like does; which could bring other differences along as well.

I also think that shouldn't be synonymous to , because you could ask questions about something like Google Docs on the Windows Phone or perhaps Google itself. This could be resolved by retagging questions to one of //.

As for Yahoo, I would go for more specific tags (//...) such that they are consistent with how Google tags are used. I'm not quite sure though, but we need to consider:

  1. Is the tag useful for searching? Who would search all questions?

  2. Is littering the //... tags with Yahoo questions OK?

  3. Do we want to make it harder to search for or easier using ?

These three questions could also be useful for deciding how to tag the other questions; to summary these questions think about categorization, search-ability and what the tags contribute to the question.

So, when we plan to retag any of the above, we need to be careful with how we approach it.

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