This looks like a healthy Stack Exchange site and I want to try and make it better. How about a logo?

I don't really have any thoughts on some header for this site, but what I can think of is a logo design.

So here's the one I made:

Windows Phone Stack Exchange

The meaning of this logo is that it obviously is a Windows Phone, but the color scheme has given it a meaning. They're all the logos from Windows and their respective color slots.

Red-Orange = Windows 9x
Green - Windows XP
Blue - Windows 10
Yellow - Windows Vista/7
Text - Windows 8

Should we get this Stack Exchange its logo?

Proposed logo will be used for this.

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Your enthusiasm is commendable, but

This looks like a healthy Stack Exchange site

No it doesn't. 2 questions have been asked so far. This is not surprising since Windows Phone has been discontinued since 2017. I'm actually surprised it hasn't been shut down yet.

Also, Stack Exchange sites only get a logo as part of their custom design, and there's quite a backlog for that, and it's unclear whether sites which 'graduated' because of their age will get a custom design at all.


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