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if there is a case when the original poster has commented with "this works for > me" type of comment, then feel free to follow up with a comment suggesting they flag it as the accepted answer

At present we have 85% of questions answered and we can do more than that. Questions with 3 or more upvotes are marked as answered. There are many cases where the OP has commented an answer that it worked but has not marked it()some have not even upvoted. I feel that we could have this place to highlight such questions so they don't remain open. Take this answer as an example, commented as useful but 0 upvotes.

How it will work?

I am adding a community wiki post as an answers can be listed. There answers must be

  • answer said to be worked by the person who asked the question
  • OP has been asked in a followup comments to mark it as an answer but with no response for more than 3 days.
  • answer does not have 3 upvotes

As soon as it reaches 3 upvotes it can be removed except the last one so that it can serve as an example. The last one can be striken out instead.

Considering that we are only going to list out answers that were useful to the one who asked I think it is legal.

If moderators feel this as illegal or as an unnecessary step, I will remove it.


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