With the advent of Windows 10 Mobile, and with the release of the Upgrade Advisor app by Microsoft to aid the delivery of the OS to eligible phones, questions are arising on the community, I think the tag upgrade-advisor would be of great use.

I, for one, am one who asked a question on which the tag might be included


A separate tag for upgrade advisor would be nice. We already have separate tags for apps such as (116 questions) and (43 questions). Being an important app having a seperate tag for would be nice.

But till now only your question contains the words upgrade advisor. 6 more answers contain the key word but tags are for questions so we can ignore them. So a new tag for will not benefit the community in present.

My idea is "Once we have multiple quality questions (atleast 10 questions with upvotes) on this particular app we can have a separate tag. Until then we can wait"

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