I've just created a question concerning the MSN Health & Fitness app, but found myself in need of some tags that have something to do with fitness tracking, exercises, workouts, etc.

There's a tag, but I didn't think it was fitting because my question is not about location services (even though you create a new workout in the Health & Fitness app by clicking the GPS Tracker button.

What would be the best way of adding tags to this sort of question?


Using the name of the app (so or ) is always an option, if no generic term can be found that's intuitive enough.

A few alternative suggestions:

  • "Activity tracker" seems to be a generic term for devices/apps that track health-related metrics.

  • Specifically about fitness, if you want to distinguish from e.g. medical or nutritional tracking.

  • j/k ;)

  • The piece of hardware that actually captures the data; might be a bit too technical, plus would include the unrelated proximity and ambient light sensors.

  • The underlying technology; might again be too technical.

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