Currently seems to be used to refer to Windows Live accounts, which would make it synonymous with . However, Windows Live is unfortunately a relatively broad set of services and programs, so I'm not entirely sure a synonymization would work.

Should we do anything with these tags? Perhaps just wait and see how it plays out?


The actual name is Microsoft Account or Windows Live Account, which was a recent from Windows Live ID (and before that, the whole Wallet/Passport series). So, as Windows Live is a whole brand I would leave that tag as-is, where-as I would suggest renaming to as long as that is what http://account.live.com has to say.

Alternatively, one might find the tags to become somewhat repetitive / long, so one could also consider:

  • for questions about Windows Live services, if any.

  • for Windows Live Mail questions, often used in conjunction with .

  • for questions regarding Windows Live accounts.

What do others think?

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    While the offical name for it may be "Windows Live Account", most places within the Microsoft universe refer to it as the Windows Live ID, take a look at the live.com website. First text box is "Windows Live ID". I'm not disagreeing, but what are people more likely to refer to it as?
    – vcsjones
    Apr 27 '12 at 15:44
  • @vcsjones: There is a huge difference between ID and Account, ID is the identification that gives you access to your Account. When logged in, I see Account; the only place I see ID is when logging in. I would suppose people to use a word instead of an acronym; Microsoft's want it to be Account, Wikipedia refers to it as an Account (telling us it was known as ID) so I guess we better represent what they want it to be than what it has been. But well, that's just an opinion; I just enumerated some possibilities but am not clear myself what road we could take... Apr 27 '12 at 16:12

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