Should I highlight using backticks or bold font?

I want to highlight "Settings" and "keyboard" in this text:

Go to Settings and select keyboard


As I mentioned in a comment to one of your posts, backticks (`) are for highlighting code samples, console commands and such, similar to the four-space indentation. The only difference is that backticks are meant for inline formatting, whereas four-space indent applies to multiple lines.

Backticks should not be used for general-purpose highlighting of things like menu options, names of apps, and so on. For such things, use bold or italics. For multi-word menu items or options, enclosing them in "quotation marks" is also a good option.

This use of backticks is long-standing policy on Stack Exchange, based on the official Markdown specification (Markdown is the syntax you're using to format your posts on SE sites). For more information, see When should code formatting be used for non-code text?

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